Conscious Cannabis Consultation

– with Protocol –

Are you at a turning point in your life and ready to commit to regaining your health with cannabis?



Are you a caregiver for someone who could benefit from Cannabis therapies?



Are you interested in healing the whole self?

Mind, Body, & Spirit?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, or are seeking more answers to your cannabis & health centered questions, our Signature Conscious Cannabis Consultation is for you!

This 75 min, in-depth and interactive consultation with protocol is designed to customize your approach to cannabis & wellness in an educational, supportive, & empowering way.

Our Signature Conscious Cannabis Consultation includes: 


  • Educational resources on cannabis basics*
  • Overview of Medical History 
  • Intentions & expectations: Symptom management, supportive healing therapy, and maintaining lifelong health
  • Overview of relevant scholarly & peer reviewed cannabis research 
  • Overview of appropriate cannabis medicinal therapies & practical applications
  • Overview of contra-indications with other medications & herbal remedies (if applicable)
  • Self Care check-in: Mind, Body, & Spirit
  • Follow-up emails outlining relevant scholarly and peer reviewed research & resources (PDF files & web links)
  • Cannabis Health Protocol: a month-to-month co-created guided protocol & whole health journal (printable and fillable PDF files)
  • Information sheets & weekly tracking sheets (printable and fillable PDF files)

to review prior to the consultation to ensure time for deeper conversation, clarity, and retention

Personalized Approach to Cannabis Based Medicine

Cannabis medicine is an individualized experience requiring proper training & instruction.

We set you up for SUCCESS by providing valuable educational resources & support systems, assisting with personal planning, encouraging active participation, and tracking your progress every step of the way.

Whether managing symptoms, healing major conditions within the body, or maintaining health & preventing dis-ease

… the right information, a detailed plan, & consistent action is what produces RESULTS.

TOGETHER, we navigate the best path possible for your life long health.

The protocol is co-created with 

your personal needs, intentions, and goals in mind.

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The information shared in The Flower of Life Signature Cannabis Consultation is for educational and informational purposes only. The information shared in this consultation should not be substituted for medical advice. Any changes in prescription medications should be monitored by the signing/endorsing physician and should not be attempted without medical guidance and supervision. 
We encourage a proactive, holistic approach to health & wellness.